Menswear has gone through several eras in modern times. Trousers have been worn high waisted, low waisted, and at the natural waist. Skin tight silhouettes seemingly etched by moonlight matched perfectly with the fuller 'grandad's old blazer' silhouette. 

Whether envisioned through the lens of the greatest minimalist visionaries or through the adroit hands of this era's maxilimalists, menswear has somehow squeezed the trends of the time into just a few garments; commonly seen as a substantial reduction in quantity when compared to womenswear, which has also experienced the same ebb and flow as menswear, with vastly different results.

The primary difference between menswear and womenswear is the effortless and careless attitude that has dominated this era's trend conscious market. To appear to not care, but somehow leave the house in a seemingly manicured outfit. It has been years of miscommunication and misrepresentation that could lead one to conclude that due to the careless attitude of the menswear market, the market itself doesn't care. 

This season was about capturing the effortlessness that has snuck its way through nearly every trend menswear has subscribed to. The collection features joggers, lounge wear, and other everyday garments that have been subtly edited with misplaced details and components that make the seemingly ordinary pieces surprising. Permeating throughout the collection are graphic phrases that exude a level of self-awareness and confidence that men of today carry with them despite the complexity or simplicity of their wardrobe.